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Thread: Bathtub/Shower Faucet leaks, getting bad

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    Default Bathtub/Shower Faucet leaks, getting bad

    Hello all, I have a question that hopefully you will be able to help with. My house was built in the early to mid 70's and these faucets are probably original. Once I turn off the hot water faucet, it continues to drip/leak. It started has a drip and has turned into a small stream. Over the past few weeks the faucet's "off" position has continued to move around the stem counter clockwise about 1/3 of a turn.

    Is this something that can be fixed, or do I need to just buy a whole new faucet assembly and move on? I do not know what brand the faucet is either, so if I do take it a part what do I need to know to get parts?

    Edit: I forgot to mention, this is a 3 handle style faucet.



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    If you post a picture of the faucet, we may recognize the brand.

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    Terry, thanks. I will definitely do that, headed out of town for the rest of the day but planning on tearing into this thing tomorrow, so I will post a picture then.



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