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Thread: First time taking a bath in the tub and they leak!! ....

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    Default First time taking a bath in the tub and they leak!! ....

    We have a 10 year old home, and there are 2 Sterling bathtubs. For the first time ever, my son took a bath in one of the tubs. He filled up the water higher than the overflow, and the next thing we know, it was raining in the kitchen below! Same thing happened in the guest bathtub....rained in the living room! This is the first time in all these years someone used these tubs for a bath instead of a shower. We were told the rubber gasket could be dry-rotted. Do you agree? Is that an easy fix? Would you know the part number?
    There are no access panels, so we have to cut thru walls, I think, to get to the plumbing.
    Thank you!
    Terry D

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    The gasket is the first suspect, and it is easily replaced by removing the overflow plate on the end of the tub ( chrome plate with one or 2 screws).

    The gasket seals the overflow collector elbow against the backside of the tub.

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    Normally, you can successfully change that gasket from within the tub (unless you drop it through the hole!). Many of them are shaped to fit over the hole behind the plate with a U-channel. Then, you put the plat back on and tighten up the screws.
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    They either snap over the overfow or, they are just a tapered gasket...

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    It's also possible that another part of the overflow piping could be leaking. After you replace that rubber gasket, if it still leaks, you will have to access that plumbing from either the wall behind the drain or from the ceiling below.

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    Default leak

    First let me pity you for having TWO Sterling tubs. Usually people only get stuck with one of them. But the overflow gasket will be tapered so you will want to rotate it until it makes the best fit to fill the space between the tub and the overflow fitting.

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