Been here before and have read alot of posts that have been helpful. About a month ago I had a post about filtering my water... Just a little recap...1600 ft free flow well (in MS delta) 220 gal tank (supposedly used to "filter" sand out) pumpand in-line cartridge filter.

It was suggested to me that removing my 220 gal tank would help to solve my "then mentioned" problems. I did, it didn't. What I am noticing is that I have a sandy build up occuring. Dishwasher- on top of cups, commodes- forms around the bowl and that pesky in line filter casing has build up in the bottom. The tank is been put back in place but I still have the same sandy problem. I opened the 2" drain on the tank this evening and when the tank was almost empty the water was just about pure sand. However, the water is clear to the eye coming straight from the well.

I think that it is too fine to see from the well head but accumulates rapidly to cause my problem. I did not install this well or any components, just bought the house and now have to deal with the well....

What are my options? Thanks guys, I appreciate all your advice.