i hope someone call provide some advice. my shower stall(glass sliding doors) is just inside entrace of bathroom on right side. the entry area is only 3 feet wide(to left of shower) until you get to sink area and then the bathroom opens up 12 feet wide with additional 8 feet in length. There is a large jacuzzi tub on the left side of bathroom. my problem is when i shower the walls to the left of the shower become saturated with moisture. in addition the ceiling has dark patch about 6 inches beginning where walls meet ceiling. even after walls are dry you can still see the staining from the moisture. when we moved into house i did not see any evidence of moisture issues from showering on walls..we painted the bathroom a year after moving in. the bathroom did not have an exhaust fan when we moved in so i installed one when we painted the bathroom. it is rated at 110cfm and is in the middle of bathoom about a foot after emerging from entry area left of sink. the top of the shower doors have an opening about 8 inches and the top of the shower overhang is about 1.5 lower then the bathroom ceiling.
My first thought is that the fan is pulling the moisture out of shower and causing it to gather and condense in the entry area thinking exhaust fan is too far from shower. i tried several times now showering without exhaust fan on as it was before we moved in thinking that it would just collect on shower ceiling but it stills results in same situation on walls and ceiling. i am thinking of purchasing a new fan with about 300cfm in the inline style having two inputs and putting one directly outside of shower and other where existing fan is located. i will adjust so most of exhaust will be directed towards inlet outside of shower...thanks for any input on this issue