I'm putting a nice corner tile shower in and wanted to go with the "frameless" glass look. The tile will be all the way up two walls, but not on the ceiling. The glass walls will not go to the ceiling, but be about 7 feet tall. There will be 3 glass walls with a door in the middle on a 45. The long glass wall length is 48", the glass door 24" and the shorter glass wall 23". I have two bids from well established glass companies, but I'm having a difference of opinions on how best to construct the glass walls. The debate is over how to do the header. One company suggests using a glass header over the glass door. The other company wants to put a metal header (or frame) on the top. When approached about doing a glass header, they were very resistant about doing it that way. They said they could do it, but greatly disliked the glass header approach.

I am convinced that a header is necessary. Both bids have come in around the same price $2,200.

What I want is frameless. So ideally no metal frame on the top. But I don't want to mess around and do something with glass that is not structurally sound. On top of that, I live in earthquake country (Bay Area). If a metal header (or frame) is required to make the shower walls structurally sound, then I would do it. But I am confused when two experts seem to have conflicting opinions. One company has been in business for 19 years, the other 60 years.

Thanks, Chris