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Thread: Trenchless Sewer Repair, Good or Bad?

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    Default Trenchless Sewer Repair, Good or Bad?


    I have an 80 year old home with the original 4"cast iron pipe which is cracked and has holes. To fix my problem the traditional way would mean major demolition of my backyard. I would like to know if anyone knows if the new technology of trenchless epoxy relining of pipes is a good way to go. I have already had one quote from a company called NuFlow in San Diego, CA and they are very expensive however if their technology works, it would save me destroying my yard. If anyone has any pros and cons concerning this subject, I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Thank you!

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    Talking destroy the yard....

    I honestly dont know that much about
    the process,

    will the new inner liner
    have the ability to withstand the weight when that
    cast iron finally rusts out... or will it simply collapse..??

    a new technology isnt always the best way to solve
    a problem....

    tear up the yard and get it over with...

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    Default relining

    The only epoxy relining system I have heard of only works on metalic piping, which you probably do not have. Other trenchless methods line the pipe with a "plastic" tube bonded to the pipes internal wall with a binder, such as epoxy. These methods require that the pipes interior be completely cleared and smooth otherwise any imperfections will be replicated in the liner. In addition, the relining will not cure any problems with the pipe's slope. As you have probably already learned, it is a rather expensive process and is usually only justified when conventional excavating is impractical. You should also have a camera inspection of the finished product and not just depend on faith that it was done correctly.

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    Another method is pipe bursting. New pipe is pulled into place while breaking the old pipe out of the way. Check out our website for info. www.satoler.com


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