I asked this elsewhere, no reply yet... What do you guys think?

When our furnace was replaced, the installers put some new ducting in, including this 2nd floor air return duct. Each floor has separate ducting and itís own furnace.

Because this duct butts right against the door trim and goes almost all the way to the wall on the right, itís hard to finish it with drywall.

I am thinking of removing this return duct altogether, framing the area with 2x2ís and finishing with drywall. This way, the air return will be built inside a wall cavity and will actually have a slightly greater cross section area.

Do you see any problem with doing it this way?

Any suggestions on how to finish the inside walls of this new ďductĒ? Should I paint it with glossy paint for smoother airflow or should I use any other special paint/finish?