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Thread: Delta / Peerless Customer Service

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    I know most folks complain when customer service is bad, so I thought I should praise it when it's good. I purchased a pull-out sprayer faucet for a 'vacation' trailer a couple of states away. This was a clearance model (but new in box) from Lowe's for $29 down from $99. It has a lifetime function and finish warranty. It worked fine the first few times I used it after installing it in October. Two weekends ago, it started leaking really badly at the button for selecting center or outer sprays. It was so bad that the rubber button would pop out. Water pressure is around 34-40 psi, as this is an '89 travel trailer with PB plumbing.

    Friday, I called Peerless and was transferred to Delta and was speaking to a 'real' person in less than 30 seconds. He apologized for the problem, got the faucet info, my info, and told me I'd have a new one in a few days. I got a confirmation a few minutes later and a shipping notification on Saturday. Assuming the sprayer actually arrives in the next few days, I have to say that this is probably the best service I've had in years. Now, I just hope that this faucet isn't a lemon and that the replacement part takes care of the problem permanently!


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    Talking Delta is good about warranty...

    Delta is really good about these things...

    although I absolutely hate all the pull out type kitchen faucets...

    I dont think anyone actually makes one that lasts

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    I've had a Delta pull out on my own kitchen for about 8 years now with no problems at all. Wish I could say the same for the Grohe that used to be there.

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    We don't use too much Delta here in my area but the few times I've had to call customer service, they were pretty good. As a service tech, I'm on the phone with manufacturers pretty often. My experience has been: Moen has great customer service, Delta is a very close second, American Standard is fair, and recently Kohler has been horrible.

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    I'll throw in my praise for delta as well. Just called them up for a replacement cartridge for my shower valve.

    Was quick to get a real, english speaking person on the phone. She asked some basic troubleshooting questions, and the said they'd send one right out. Got a tracking number in my email and new part in about 4 days.

    BTW this too was under a lifetime warranty deal, no cost to me

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    Thats why Delta and Moen get my vote as the best faucets to install.

    Everyone else is lacking in the customer service.
    I don't care if you have a Rolls Royce faucet what good is it if you can't get the part you need for it when you want it!


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