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Thread: American Standard Glenwall wall mount toilet and Yorkville review

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    Default American Standard Glenwall wall mount toilet and Yorkville review

    American Standard Glenwall toilet

    This is a pressure assist toilet using a Sloan Flushmate.
    They make a good replacement for older wall hung toilets for both commercial and home use.
    Most tank type toilets were used in homes, and quite a bit were installed in the sixties. 40-50 years later, and some of those are now in need of replacement.

    There is a bit of a thump when flushing. I notice when this toilet is flushed in the home, even from other rooms.
    They don't clog, however they may shred some paper from the high speed siphon jet. It sometimes takes two flushes for clear water.
    The inner tank is made by Flushmate. They provide a 10 year warranty on their inner tank.

    Glenwall toilets in the Seattle area
    Terry Love, 206-949-5683

    Other choices would be the Gerber Maxwell Wall-Hung
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