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Thread: Water Softener Brine Tank Overflowing

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    Default Water Softener Brine Tank Overflowing

    I have a Fleck 5600 (I believe) water softener that is approximately 9 years old. Recently I have noticed that when it is "In Service" the brine tank is full and overflowing. I can see small flow of water flowing through the line leading to the brine tank. Does this indicate a bad seal somewhere or is it just a setting that needs to be reset?

    Also, I the water level in the brine tank has always been fairly high (near the overflow drain but not at it). Not as high as it has been recently with the above problem, but higher that perhaps it should be. How do I set the correct level? The dials are very confusing.

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    Below is my reply to another question about water in the brine tank with a 5600 valve.

    In your case, there is an internal leak in the control valve, the only cause is a seals and piston leak. So you need to rebuild the valve with a seals, spacers and piston kit.

    The amount of water put back in the salt tank at the end of a regeneration with a 5600 valve is always the same volume in gallons. The volume/level of salt is always being reduced because the salt is dissolved into the water that is then sucked out of the tank as brine during the brine draw/slow rinse part of the next regeneration.

    The salt displaces the water so there is no way to say if there is too much water in the tank by marking the water level and doing a manual regeneration and checking the mark. So IOW both the salt level and the water level will vary constantly.

    If the softener is working right, producing 0 gpg soft water from one regeneration to the next consistently, there's nothing wrong. If the water level consistently increases the water isn't being all sucked out and there is a problem and you'll get harder water until the softener isn't removing any hardness.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the O'ring out.


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