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Thread: Does entire shower stud wall need to be pressure treated?

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    Default Does entire shower stud wall need to be pressure treated?

    Hi all, I'm a long time visitor, first time poster. Awesome site.

    I'm re-doing my master bathroom shower. Does the entire shower stud wall need to be pressure treated (PT)?

    I know the bottom plate and studs against a concrete block wall should be PT, but what about regular studs against the inside of the house?

    Thanks, Mike
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    Well, no. In fact, if you put some plastic on the bottom of the studwall on the concrete, you don't need it there. You could use some seam-seal like they put on top of the concrete wall for the rim joist. PT wood is absolutely horrible in that is twists, shrinks, and bows when it dries out. Not at all the thing you want behind a shower wall where tile are involved. A properly done shower should never introduce moisture into the framing, so if you can keep it from being in contact with a potential wet slab, you should be fine. If you have a wet slab, you've got other problems...

    I'd check out the people at www.johnbridge.com for shower construction details.
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    You should not use pressure treated. If you get enough moisture in there to damage a stud,,,,then that is not your only problem. A shower needs to be water proof.


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