I have a crane bathtub faucet, I believe originally installed in 1964. It has developed a minor leak and I wanted to dis-assemble it as the first step in a repair.

The unit is a single handle faucet. The unit pulls out to turn the water flow on and rotates left and right to control the temperature. I pulled the little metal cap off the center of the round flow control. A bolt was now visible which holds the control knob onto the valve stem. The odd thing is that inserted through the middle of the securing bolt was a very small allen wrench. I haven't seen this before and I don't know its function.

Removing the control handle and a chromed sleeve which covered the valve assembly, I could now see the exterior of the valve assembly. Sliding down through exterior of the exterior bronze assembly shell is a little lock-key which I assume keeps the valve in place when water pressure is applied. The two legs of the key slip between two tabs on the faucet value itself which would prevent it from rotating.

So I removed the lock-key. When the allen wrench is inserted into the center of the value, it engages something but will only turn about a turn and a half.

Can anyone tell me how I go about pulling the valve? Not having experience with this unit, I didn't want damage anything by applying excessive force.

Thanks in advance.