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Thread: Stuck exterior faucet handle...help!

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    Default Stuck exterior faucet handle...help!

    Our backyard outside faucet handle is "frozen in place"...we have tried turning it to the point of fearing to break it. I've tried soaking it in WD-40. It wont budge.

    I'm afraid that it will break off and I'll flood my basement. I'm 99% sure it is a frost-free. What should I do? I hate to call the plumber if it's a quick fix but we are not handy with home repairs, AT ALL.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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    Talking just call

    if you are not handy, its best to just callthe
    plumber and get it replaced with a new one

    if you fool with it on sunday and break it,
    it wil probably cost you 3 times what it would cost tomorrow


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