Hi, I hope someone (Terry?) can answer my question as this is driving my family nuts.

I have a new hydronic heating system and while it heats the house very well, every 30 secs there is a loud tapping noise coming (presumably) from pipes in the ceiling. I can hear it about 5 secs just after the boiler ignites. The noise is not coming from the boiler. My house is 2 storey and uses radiators and fan type radiators. The boiler is a Hurlcon H150S. It does have a little LCD panel on the side where the water temp can be set and I've set it to 75 deg C. I've also set the pressure in the boiler to 2 bar. The web address for the boiler if you'd like to see what it looks like is: http://www.hurlcon.com.au/manuals/H1...20136-0803.pdf

I've bled the radiators for air and there isn't any in them.

I'm wondering if the plumber forgot to add a part to the system? I have to turn off the boiler at night because we can't get to sleep but then we get cold...

Does anyone know what I can do about this problem?