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Thread: power source to toilet shut-off valve

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    Unhappy power source to toilet shut-off valve

    I'm new here so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread.

    I have a problem and I've been told its a unique problem, was wondering if I could get some help.

    Plumbing from the main water source to the toilet bowl shut off valve is galvanized pipe and I haven't been able to find a shut off valve that will completely seal to the galvanized pipe. I went to the hardware store and bought shut off valves and solder would not seal to the shut off valve and galvanized pipe.

    Is this a unique problem? I have done several plumbing jobs in my home before and never run into this problem. The solder will not adhere to the shut off valves and pipe.

    Please help. I have two toilets in the house with the same problem.

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    Galvanized pipe is threaded (male) and requires a threaded (female) valve. You can not sweat galvanized pipe nor will a compression fitting work. Use Teflon tape on the threads.

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    Kudos to Gary...

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