We had our unit's annual service several weeks ago. This included the full complement - cleaning, new filter, nozzle, igniter gap check, etc. Since the heating season has started there are many times when the unit attempts to light and then times out. If I hit the reset button it will sometimes light, but if not, while attempting to light, I can get it running by inserting a propane torch into the inspection port.
Yesterday I removed the electrode assembly after some difficulty as the splined nut that holds it tight to the escutchion plate seemed misthreaded. I cleaned the electrode insulators (were covered with soot and "tar"), adjusted the gap which was pretty close to specs, and replaced the connector tube with a new one. The rest of the day yesterday the unit lit promptly, and I was cautiously patting myself on the the back.
Of course, this morning it failed to light until I hit the reset button and it started up fine.
One thing i did notice yesterday is that the igniter tips are fairly blunt. Are they supposed to be sharp points?
I'd appreciate any thoughts before calling the company for a service call. Thanks loads!