well, it's time to do it. after 2 backups in one year, I had my main line inspected. The video shows 2 45 turns in the cast iron under the house. Switched to PVC @ 45 feet, pvc has 2 bellies and 3 turns until it turns into concrete pipe @ 100+ feet. Concrete pipe is 6' sections, and has roots and misalignment at each section for about 35-40 feet. The local r@@ter guy quoted me (quite quickly) 12k to replace the entire line ~90' long ~8' deep as a straight shot, 8.5k to pipeburst the existing concrete and leave the pvc, and 3.5k to only install a cleanout at the pvc-concrete transition. House is at the end of a cul-de-sac, so repairs will include asphalt (35-40') and sidewalk repairs. I live in aurora, co. I understand how loaded the question "how much should this cost?" is, but i have to ask anyway if theses prices seem out of line or not. And I also would like some advice on where to look for other plumbers./excavators to do the work. And what questions should I ask potential plumbers that I approach for a bid. Thanks in advance, Matthew