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    Our neighbours installed a geo-thermal heating system and the drillers drilled 450ft. Since that time our water has been very cloudy with an off white sediment. We have run a hose for days and nights. We are now entering week 5 of this situation and we are concerned it will never get back to its original state. Although it looks a little less cloudy, it is not clear. We have had many lab tests done and all we get is a mineral count which still does not tell us what the sediment is. They have been unable to do a coliform or e-coli test because of the quality of the water. Any suggestions on how to find out what is in the water and secondly, how to clear it? We already have a RO system as well as a UV system and water softner.

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    Try disconnecting the pipe at the well. Then turn on the pump and let it run full blast. This should clear it up if it's going to. Running a hose could take forever.



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