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Thread: bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet have low pressure

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    Default bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet have low pressure

    Me and my significant other just moved into a modular that has a private well. The faucet in the kitchen has a slow trickle for hot water and a little more pressure for cold. When you turn on the the water the shower head leaks water and the hot water is also a slow stream. it takes about 20 minutes to fill a bathtub. The water softener is a coupke years old and the hot water heater is brand new. The previous owner said that is because the water softener. Any help would be great.

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    Are you on a well or city water? Does the water softenenr have a bypass setup? Have you tried bypassing it?

    If you are on a well, any clue what the water pressure is? If yo udon't have a pressure gauge, pic one up and see what the pressure you have is.

    How old is the place? Could any of the pipes be galvanized steel? Those can rust from the inside out and cut the available volume to a trickle.

    Have you taken the aereators off of the faucets to see if they are clogged up? How about taking the showerhead off and see what flow you get?
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    Default Wow lol

    I did not know it could be so many things. It is well water and we have a private well. The shower head has awful flow even without the shower head, and my next step is the cartridges. The place was built in 1969. It seems like they tried to change the faucets but that was about as far as they went. It is all copper from what I can see. Someone told me it could be the pressure tank on top of the well. It may need to get more or less pressure in it. That is my next step and if that doesn't work we are going for the cartridges. I am not sure if there is a bypass. How would I find out?


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