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Thread: Kohler Tub Spout Shower Diverter Leaks

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    Question Kohler Tub Spout Shower Diverter Leaks

    Our shower diverter just started to leak (i.e., fails to divert 100% of the water to the shower). Is there a kit to correct this problem or do I ask Kohler to send me a replacement spout. I was just on their website and I beleive I have identified the spout from their current parts catalogue. I accidentally broke a hand-held shower from Kohler and they replaced it free under their lifetime guarantee program, so I imagine I can get another spout from them, too, as they have been very customer oriented. Lastly, if I need to replace the spout is this something a handy homeowner can do? Thanks in advance to all responses. Take care everyone and have a great holiday. George

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    Spouts generally are fairly easy to replace. They usually fall into two types...push on, or screw on. The push on types have a set screw accessable from underneath that needs to be loosened first, then it just slides off (unless yo uneed to cut the caulk). The other type is screwed on, so you just unscrew it. Replacing it requires some pipe dope or teflon tape. Sometimes a handle from a screwdriver into the downspout gives you the leverage you need to remove it. A wrench could be used to remove it, but not a great idea (unles syou have a strap wrench) to install the new one.
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