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Thread: Toto toliet will not flush properly

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    Default Toto toliet will not flush properly

    We have a Toto toilet that will not flush properly. It all starts to go down but some paper, etc. will float back up into the bowl. Sometimes after a couple of flushings it will go down.

    Possible problem: My daughter flushed a large hoop earring down the toilet on accident.
    I have augered the toilet with a hand auger, took off toilet and auger down the pipe as well. But no fix.

    I have replaced the fill tube but not the fill valve yet.

    Are there other possiblities??

    Is there a better way to get the earring out?? If it is in there.

    I have another toilet just like this one in an adjacent bathroom that works fine.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    My guess is that the hoop earring is still in there causing the problem...You will just have to keep on trying until you pull it out...You can trying with the toilet auger and maybe try using one of those small 15' hand augers also and keep changing the end so it will have a better chance of grabbing the hoop. Did you turn the toilet upside down and see if you can get the hoop that way???

    The hoop is not in the drain past the flange.
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    We use a closet auger, or snake with a "drop end" on it that is over 1-1/2" in diameter. Many snakes will go through or beside the problem but not remove the problem.

    You may need to snake from the bottom after the bowl is pulled.


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