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Thread: Kohler kitchen faucet - slips off at low flow rates

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    Question Kohler kitchen faucet - slips off at low flow rates

    I have a Kohler kitchen faucet, installed about 2.5 years ago, with a very annoying problem.I lost the original paperwork so there is no record as to the model, can only say its a single handle, with a spray that pulls out of the faucet. The problem is it shuts itself off such that you can only run it a high volume. The handle drops down and won't stay at a low flow rate. I had my plumber look at it and he did not know the fix, suggesting I try the internet. This is the only problem the faucet has. Any advice will be welcome.

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    Do you mean that the handle stays up only in the fully raised position, but when you try to keep it in a lower position to get a weaker flow rate...the handle slides down all the way to the "off" position?

    If that's what is happening, did you recently have the faucet serviced? Or has the faucet always been like this?
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    Default faucet

    All 1-800-4KOHLER and tell them the situation. You probably need a new cartridge and they should be able to tell which one from a description of your faucet.

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    I've seen this problem with other single handle brands. Usually the problem is with the cartridge, but I have seen where the handle carries to much weight because it is solid brass and does not function well exactly as you have described it. I would contact Kohler to inquire about a remedy. Good Luck.
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