toilet problem of several months ago completely solved due to the help of many people on this forum.

Next, very different issue: large amount of water accumulation in driveway after it rains. It started years ago as a small pool that my then small son liked to play in. The water now fills the driveway such that as you drive in from the street, you are driving through a minor lake. Luckily, it accumulates in the half of the driveway that comes in from the street (not much water in the portion of the driveway that is close to the house).

The driveway is dirt/gravel. I think there must be shifts going on in the level of the driveway versus the level of the street we live on. I rented a small pump (Geyser II) and pumped the water over to the storm drain just down the street. This worked well, but it is only a temporary solution as the lake will fill up again next time there is precipitation. The other problem is that I live in New Hampshire and last winter we had an ice rink in the driveway.

THanks, RUth