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Thread: help converting leaking delta 1500 to newer 1700

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    Default help converting leaking delta 1500 to newer 1700

    hi there, wanted to see if I could get some advice with this project.
    recently developed leak with 15 year old delta 1500 monitor shower faucet control, showerhead leaks continuously.

    would like to replace it with newer 1700 model. delta tells me I need the rp29405 converter kit. i've never been inside a shower faucet - what exactly is coming out and being replaced? and what else do you still need to buy - a full 1700 hardware kit to go on top of this converter deal?

    the escutcheon screw holes on the old model are at the bottom, 5 and 7 o'clock. will this line up with 1700 models, or does the converter kit have different screw locations to line up with newer models?

    thanks for any tips or advice.

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    I recently had a similar problem with my old Delta. I replaced the entire valve body and installed a 1700 trim kit. It would be my opinion (not based on fact or experience) that by the time you repaired/converted the old valve you would have spend more time and probably nearly as much money as just replacing the valve. The Delta instructions are fairly easy to follow and when you're finished, the 1700 will have you up to code with a very nice looking and performing control.

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    Default 1400

    The converter kit might have the "spacers" to make the 1700 cartridge fit the 1400 body, but I doubt that there is any thing that will relocate the trim plate holes on the valve itself.


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