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Thread: Using a 3"san. Tee

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    Default Using a 3"san. Tee

    I Have one tight tie in on the job. They are finishing the basment and have to keep a new 3" soil line up in the joist bay. I normally use a combo wye and eigth bend to tie in, but this will bring me down too low. How much would the inspector frown if I drop one branch into a 3" san. Tee. The tee is straight up of course.



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    I am using the san tee upright with flow comming into the top ( not horizonal, I wouldnt do that). I normally use a wye with a street 45 to bring the angle up to a 90. This may be fine to use. I was told always to use wyes not san tees. The san tee is a much lower profile than the wye with a street 45. This is a tight spot in joist bay to sub floor. Man I have to get some software with fittings and stuff. Anyone know where I can get that so I can Illustrate some things.


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    Just take a picture of some fittings pushed together and post that.
    Much quicker than drawing them.

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    Default tee

    IF the tee is vertical with the branch going horizontally off to the side, then the sanitary tee is the NORMAL fitting to use. A "Y" or combo has absolutely no benefits and is sometimes illegal for that situation.


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