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Thread: new kohler classic 5 makes funny noises

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    Angry new kohler classic 5 makes funny noises

    my contractor just installed one during remodel of master bath....now, every 6 minutes or so, its like the thing makes the "waterfilling tank" sound for only a few seconds....then it happens again 6 minutes later quite annoying for a 400 $ commode...anyway, all the flushing mechansims were in the tank when it delivered whats the problem here?? Ive "poked around" in the tank but nothing helps !!

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    It sounds like the flapper is leaking and then the fill valve on the left is refilling.

    1) you could try spraying some silicone spray on the flapper,
    2) replacing the flapper,
    3) if that doesn't work, it could be the seal under the flush valve between the porcelain and the plastic, sometimes pulling it out, and smoothing with a little sandpaper is the answer.

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    thanks, I'll try those suggestions !!

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    There's also a big nut on the bottom of the flush valve assembly. The installer should check to make sure that is tight before installing the tank (assuming this isn't a one-piece). If that is loose, water can leak under the valve seat into the bowl. If you put some food coloring in the tank and let it set overnight, it will probably be clear by morning...verifying it is leaking.
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