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Thread: boiler pilot light

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    Default boiler pilot light

    I'm having trouble keeping my boiler lit. I have replaced the pilot light numerous times and the new one would last a few days to a few weeks before it would start going out again. Does anyone have any ideas about what would be causing this?

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    Default pilot

    Not really without checking it, but that problem usually has little to do with the pilot light itself.

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    What the hell is a pilot light. Is that the same as a night light?

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    It what the pilot uses to light a smoke.

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    I'm not a pro so take this with a large grain of salt. Here are some of the possibilities depending on type of water heater you have...

    Problem one: thermocouple.

    Problem two: air intake screen gets plugged with dust and not enough fresh air is supplied

    Problem three: if floor under the WH is damp from time to time, you may have a slow drip that puts the light out
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    It would be helpful if we had make and model of your boiler. Does your unit have a fixed pilot you must lite yourself, or does it use a hot surface igniter? There is to many variables to be able to give you useful advice. Some boiler manufactures do have a Technical support line that can help you trouble shoot the unit. As a plumber I am never to proud to admit I do not know about a unit I never seen and call the manufacture for some help.


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