Dad and I dragged a new Whirlpool "Flame Lock" water heater home last weekend. (I'm sure you're all gritting your teeth already)

Installation was EZ with Dad sweating the fittings up top while I hooked up the gas below. Once everything was running and the water was hot, Dad noticed we had a leak at the cold inlet.
When I climbed up to investigate, the first thing I notice is the "Under no circumstance are you to apply heat" warning label. Well &#$% that's exactly what Dad did, threading two copper male adapters directly into the tank and then sweating the existing copper back exactly where it had been on the old tank. this made install a piece of cake but both the heat traps have been incinerated.

Anyway, now it's leaking. My question is how #$%^ am I?
Can I simply replace the heat traps and dip tube then install correctly? Or is the tank trashed?

Thanks and Regards,