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Thread: Lav flow rate handwashing to activate tankless heater?

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    Default Lav flow rate handwashing to activate tankless heater?

    I'm looking at a mini-tankless water heater that requires a flow rate of 0.53 GPM to turn on the heating element.

    How much flow from a lav faucet is 0.53 GPM ?? Is that a fully opened tap, half open, or what?

    I'm concerned that we usually don't turn on the tap enough to reach that flow rate; in which case a mini-tank would be what we want instead of the tankless.

    And I've seen a few brand names mentioned here; what are some that I can investigate for their tank type (metal vs plastic) & other qualities to choose from ?

    I also have to decide based on the amps required; I'm going to have to install a new electric cable from the fuse box and i'd like to run the smallest gauge i can get away with.

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    Forget the whole idea, those heater are all junk.

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    Default heater

    The heaters you are asking about are completely useless. The ONLY way you get warm water from them is when you use their restrictive aerator which only flows a few small jets of water. Replace the aerator to get adequate flow and the water flows through too quickly to even get warm. AND they need 30 amps or more, depending on their wattage.


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