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Thread: leak behind shower wall

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    Default leak behind shower wall

    I am so frustrated,my husband and i installed a new tub and tile we did everything possible right.. we have a leak everytime we turn the shower on and get in the shower..when we just run the shower with no one in it no leak.. we have caulked all around the tub.. the only thing we can think of is maybe in the corner where the walls meet the water is getting behind the tile and wall... is this possible? we are able to see all the hardware and water pipes and they are all dry.. please someone help.

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    Default Caulk Faucets

    Did you caulk the faucet escutcheons and is the tub spout tight to the wall and caulked? Do you see a water trail? Did you silicone the tub to tile connection instead of grout. Did you silicone where the walls meet instead of grout? If this is a fiberglass tub did you set it in quikcrete or some concrete product? You can take a bucket and splash it on the walls to help identify the location of the leak.

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    Default leak behind wall

    Yes we did all that.. the only thing i can think of now is that the tub is not level long ways.. there is about a 1/2 pitch going down the drain could that be putting stress on something or could it be something with the shower head fixture? but it does not seem to be dripping down.. i think i may have someone come in and just re do the whole thing


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