I wanted to use a pre-formed niche in my bathroom remodel. All of the preformeds are for a 2x4 wall, yet the wall I want to use is 2x3. No problem I figured, Ill add 1 inch of something to bring the wall out, then drywall as normal.

Now I found an issue - the finished wall will be such that I only have 1/2" of tub deck where the tub meets that wall (without the niche and 2x4 wall, 1-1/2" of clearance)

Anyone think this will look funny? Should I forego the niche altogether in favor of the extra tub deck clearance?

I cant tell if its going to be decent or not. My other bathroom has a different shaped tub, but has about 1 or 1-1/2" of clearance like the new tub would without adding the extra inch to the wall. The tub well of my other tub is squared off, the new tub Im using has an oval shaped tub well (AS Princeton)

Thanks in advance.