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Thread: Looking for Advice on basement laundry tub and pump

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    Question Looking for Advice on basement laundry tub and pump

    I'm looking to install a basement laundry tub where none currently exists. My drains are halfway up the basement walls so I'll need a pump system like the Drainosaur (I guess). I'm looking for advice before I jump in. I'm a handy man that has done many household plumbing tasks and am considering tackling this myself.

    1. Installing something like the Drainosaur will require proper venting to the main stack, I assume. What is the method of cutting into the stack and what suprises await me there?

    2. My washing machine currently drains directly to a drain line with a hose connection to the copper drain with a check valve. It would seem that this would be a good place to have the Drainosuar discharge to. Should I just have the washing machine drain to the laundry tub or is there a better way to connect it?

    3. I also want to have my dehumidifer and condensate pumps empty through the drain instead of being pumped outside the house. Should I just drain them to the laundry tub?

    4. How do I transition from the plastic pipe of the Drainosaur to the copper of my vent and drains?

    5. Do you advise a handy man to attempt such an installation or do you consider it too difficult and in need of professional services

    Thanks to all who may help with advice.
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    I'd sure be grateful if someone would reply to this gentleman's query. I have an almost identical set of questions and would benefit from the answer.



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