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Thread: Island range hood still leaking

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    Default Island range hood still leaking

    I recently repaired my roof vent which vents directly through the roof of our one story home to stop water dripping down through the range hood. I wrapped the pipe in the attic with insulation to prevent condensation from forming as the problem happened mostly in the winter. I also replaced the cap on the stove pipe which extends about 3 feet from the roof line. I attached two 90 degree elbows together so that the end of the pipe faces downward to prevent rain from entering the pipe which happened on occasion because of the large opening that existed with the previous cap.

    My vent has started leaking again. Could this be condensation forming on the portion of the pipe that extends above the roof?

    I examined the inside of the roof in the attic and could find no sign of a leak in the roof. As water is dripping only on the inside of the stove pipe should I assume that water is from condensation and if so, how should I try to alleviate this problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is there a damper in there somewhere to stop air movement when the vent is not on?
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    They make roof vent hoods that have a damper in them. Does this happen after you have been running the vent hood? If so, run it longer after you are done cooking to dry out the inside of the pipe.


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