The drain in my bathtub clogs and slows frequently. It is very difficult to snake as the drain has a hardware bar that pulls down the plug, and it's hard to get around it. And the snake rarely brings up any clogs.

If I use an enzyme clog remover, and follow with boiling water the next day, and do this repeatedly for 3 or 4 days, it helps--but the drain is still slow.

The only thing that really seems to get it is "professional strength" Liquid Plumber gel, and that only with a boiling water chaser--and that's a horrible thing to be dumping into the water.

I've tried a couple of different kinds of hair catchers/mesh drain covers--they catch some of the hair but evidently let some through, because it still clogs.

Would new pipes be less likely to clog? Have we solved this problem in the 21st century, and it's just that I'm using 50 year old pipes?

Is there a better solution to this problem (other than cutting my hair off?)