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Thread: PB Yard Service Repair ?

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    Default PB Yard Service Repair ?

    I will probably have to replace a leaking section of 3/4 Underground Polybutylene in a 150ft long Yard Service. I was thinking about using 3/4 PEX and Qest compression fittings because its easy (I am in the electrical trade, not plumbing). I worry about copper deteriorating underground. Is buried PEX and Qest fittings advisable or should I use something else? Thanks, Marty

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    There have been some questions about Quest. You'd want to use a larger pipe than that if you used pex since the walls are fairly thick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theestimator1 View Post
    I worry about copper deteriorating underground.

    You mean in around 100 years??

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    I question repairing a polybutylene line...
    When they go bad it is generally better to replace them.

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    Default Pb

    Qest PB and PEX have the same i.d.'s, but if you join them with a PEX coupling, you have to use a pb crimp ring. But once it cracks there is a good chance it will happen again.

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    If it's outside and underground, why not just use PVC pipe and replace the whole length?

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    Redwood made a good point. After a little reading, it sounds like the polybutylene problem will only get worse, and continue forever. Jimbo made a good point. I didnt realize buried copper would outlast me.
    Now Im thinking, eventually, 1 Type K copper w/ sweat fittings all the way. As a temporary fix, metal insert fittings & crimp rings could connect the old polybutylene to the new copper.
    Does this make sense?
    What material is used for a new 150ft residential Yard Service?
    Your advice is extremely helpful, especially to an electrical person. Thank you to everyone.

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    No sweat connections underground.

    3/4" @ 150' would be plenty

    K is the best application, you could get it in one piece, problem solved with the connection underground, with K you can make a flared connection to the meter bracket outlet.

    95% of all calls that come through my shop in relation to water service failures,

    are plastic piping.

    I can't make that up....it's just the statistic. The pipe is constantly expanding/contracting no matter what type it is.
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    Thanks Rugged,

    Unspliced type K copper does seem like the most durable and reliable material for Yard Service, although I do have one concern, pinholes.

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