i'd particularly like any washington state inspectors to weigh in on this topic. we'll ignore the fact that i've had 3 different inspectors (from city of seattle and state of washington) out and I neglected to ask any of them.

here's the deal. the big gray flexible conduit/pipe holds the bundle of wires from the transfer switch (tan box on the right) that connect to the circuits in th main panel (gray box on the left) that i want serviced by the generator. Now when the transfer switch was originally installed, i had asked the installer about whether or not the gray pipe could be passed through the stud so it could be hidden by sheetrock, like so many other wires and conduits. this installer, a very customer unfriendly electrician, would only very curtly say that "that can't be done" with no further explanation - forget trying to get him to cite a code reference.

what i'd like to know is, can this interconnect between the main panel and the transfer switch be placed into the framing and covered by sheetrock? the picture should clearly show that the connection that goes into the main panel is behind the wall line and between the studs, so i can't understand why the connection that comes out of the transfer switch (and the pipe for that matter) must be exposed.

I welcome all opinions, but a city of seattle or state of washington inspector that can cite a code reference that would allow or disallow placing this gray pipe behind the sheet rock would be very much appreciated.


PS. I passed my rough-in inspection - if i hadn't mentioned it in an earlier post, I'm remodelling my basement and doing the wiring myself. the only things that needed correction were the need for an outlet in the new hallway (i thought i was okay because there were outlets right around the corner from doors entering into the hall) and a couple of boxes that were servicing different circuits where i didn't have all the grounds tied together, across the circuits (should have figured this one out since ground is ground, but for some reason i kept the circuits really separated). so far, i've burned through about 1,100 feet of 12-2&3 and 14-2&3 wire. i feel a great sense of accomplishment on my wiring, but i gotta say, i really hate pulling 12-gauge wire.

Again thanks to all for the very useful advice an opinions.