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Thread: Low water pressure and water taking long time to heat

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    Default Low water pressure and water taking long time to heat

    We live in a new construction home. There are 3.5 bathrooms in our house. In one of the bathrooms the water pressure is less than in the others (in both the sink and the shower) and it takes a really long time for the water to get hot. The bathroom is very close to both the mater bathroom and the laundry room and we have no issues in either of these. The builder is being no help and our warranty expires next month. Any ideas on what could cause this in just this one bathroom? Thanks.

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    First easy check is to remove both the faucet aerator and the shower head, and see if there is OK flow with them removed.

    If that isn't it,???

    You say it is close to the other bathrooms, but it is possible that the water to this bathroom was actually laid out in some longer, more circuitous route. That could account for the pressure loss, and the delay in getting hot water.


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