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Thread: SUMP PRO back up battery sump system

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    Talking SUMP PRO back up battery sump system

    has anyone had any experience with this brand???

    I have a customer interested in one and need info...

    Usually I install the AQUANOT 11 but this fellow wants

    more information and is leery of the Aquanot ll

    This is basically just a couple of batteries that plug into
    your power and will run your
    normal sump pumps if power goes out.....

    and as long as you have two sump pumps in series in your pit I think
    it might be a feasible alternative to the Aquanot ll

    the cost is about 1200 plus batteries plus installation

    but it only comes with a one year warranty....


    Your expert opinions and any experiences with this brand please
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    I have no experience with that brand, but $1200 for an inverter, a small battery charger, and some transfer relays and logic, seems a little steep.

    I'm a DIYer and would buy a 2000 Watt steady/4000 Watt peak Coleman inverter, a small smart-charger to maintain charge on the batteries, and a couple of relays to activate the inverter and transfer the pump system from line power to the inverter. Those components would cost about $300.

    I would buy some deep cycle batteries locally; about $200 at BJs or Sam's Club.

    While I'm doing it, I will spend about $150 to put together a duplex control system so two pumps would be operated in an alternting/backup arrangement.

    The battery system is for the "Nobody is home when the power goes off" condition. I will have a small generator, because we have had outages as long as 20 hours which is more than the battery can handle. The generator also lets me run the furnace, refregerator, lights, and a little cooking capability.

    Because we use fuel oil for heating where I live, the generator will have a diesel engine, so I will always have plenty of fuel.

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    The big question is how often (the % of time) the pumps will be running. The aquanot 2 will run 7.5 hrs non stop. The one you posted will run 1.5 hrs. We know no ones pump runs non stop . The question is how much (what % of time) his pump does run. The other questions are the quality of the pumps construction and how many years have they been in the buisness. Have fun with this one.

    I just noticed that it doesn't say anything about an alarm noise to let you know it is running on batteries. If a breaker trips and it is running on batteries, without an alarm you wouldn't know and it would flood your basement when the batteries die. It may have one but there is no mention of it in the link, only an indicator light to let you know.
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    Talking not much debate

    I talked the fellow into the Aquanot ll

    for 1200 installed

    not a big response on this sump pro.....

    I had not read the specs on that unit,
    but 1.5 hours is about a third of how long

    the Aquanot will run and it has a three year
    warranty compared to this dud

    so I told the fellow that his was a dog

    case closed
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    Default Sump Pro System

    The Sump Pro Gold System if properly installed and maintained will run a 1/2 Hp HD pump for at least a full day or longer during a normal rain storm. We have personally installed fifteen or more of these units. I think the oldest one is close to fifteen years and maybe even closer to twenty years old. Installed with two Cast iron Zoller Pumps, Maintenance free batteries, and a high water alarm on its own circuit it runs close to $3000.00 installed properly.
    The customer should be explained as how to keep the batteries fully charged by dis-connecting the primary pump and letting the secondary pump discharge the batteries every so often . I have seen first hand the failure of the inexpensive ( $500.00 ) systems in only a few hour of being without power during a heavy storm.
    I have been involved in very costly installations of systems where we used three separate basins and controls that will switch the power from pump to pump with backup systems alarms and phone dialers. For the most houses the sump pro will give you adequate protection.
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    The Sumpro system is a top notch system with no comparison to the normal back up units. Sumpro

    First it runs full sized sump pumps not 1/2 capacity backup units.

    This means that they are not running nearly as long as most backup units. Therefor they run longer than the continous duty time listed. You can also add on additional battery banks.

    It is hands down the best system short of the automatic transfer generator system Bob mentioned.


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