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Thread: Metal Roofing Question ?

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    Default Metal Roofing Question ?

    Hey guys,

    Are metal rooms generally vented? How about older metal roofs?

    A buddy has an old farm house with a metal roof and there doesn't appear to be any vents built into it. He wants to use blown insulation. Does he need to but in soffit (sp) baffles to keep airflow though again I don't see any existing built in thus far.



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    I just had a metal roof installed 2 months ago and it has a vented ridge cap.

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    My guess is that it depends...

    A standing seam roof is installed flat on the decking and would transmit a fair amount of heat into the attic through conduction (although it might reflect some back)...this would likely benefit from venting. Ridge vents, soffit vents.

    A raised profile such as a wooden shake style might not benefit since it has about 1/2-3/4" of clearance underneath it so it acts like a good reflective barrier and the gap prevents any conductive heating.

    regardless of the roof type, though, ventilating the attic is normally a good idea.
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