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Thread: Dip tube problems

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    Default Dip tube problems

    Posted for Jeff.

    I had the dip tube replaced in the hot water heater. The lines were cleaned at the time. Now, approximately one month later I am starting to notice less water pressure through some of the faucets/shower. I know with the one shower that it is being caused by the bits of plastic from the old tube that were not totally removed when it was replaced. I can clean them out on one shower head. Will I need to repalce the valves in the other areas such as the kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet? I don't see any screens in the lines anywhere. If so, should I wait for a certain period of time to see if all of the plastic gets out of the water heater so I won't have to replace valves again?
    Thanks in advance. Jeff

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    Default debris

    You will not have to replace valves, just clean the aerator screens on the ends of the faucets.

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    Talking debris in the system

    your plumber should have BACKFLUSHED the system when
    they changed out that dip tube.....

    did he actually do that ??

    their will ALWAYS be junk laying in the hot water lines just waiting to

    cause you trouble...it lays dormant till a high volume of water lifts it up
    off the bottom of the pipe... then it clogs everything up AGAIN and AGAIN

    if you dont back flush the lines, then it will be like a constant rash

    On another note, how much of the old dip tube did the plumber get out of the water heater???

    if the plumber didnt get much of the old dip tube out of your water

    heater, it means that their is a good section stuck down inside the unit just

    breaking up into small peices and it will constantly being a pain in the butt.

    you really cant get that broken dip tube out of the unit too well,

    so their could be a new water heater in your future.

    how old in your water heater anyway?? 95--97??
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