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Thread: Adapting a 9 inch Rough In to 10 inch Toilet

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    Default Adapting a 9 inch Rough In to 10 inch Toilet

    Hello everyone. I just joined this forum but have been reading here for some time. I find myself in an odd situation that I haven't found an answer too so far.

    My house was built in 1970. I just purchased it last April. One week after moving in I had problems with one of the toilets I couldn't figure out. I called the plumber who pulled out the toilet and found I have a 9 inch rough in and the previous owner had shoved a 10 inch rough in toilet into the spot.

    I was given the option of tearing up my floor and moving the flange (??) forward or possibly having the wall knocked out and making a niche for a standard sized toilet. Today, the HD dept manager hooked me up with an idea to purchase a Toto Carrollton CST774S toilet and adapting it to my 9 inch rough in with the 10 inch Toto Unifit Adaptor. Is this possible?

    I don't understand how this house went almost 40 years with a on odd sized rough and no one bothered to fix it.

    Thanks. Sorry this is so long.

    CST774S TOTO Carrollton
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