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Thread: Pump won't shut off

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    Default Pump won't shut off

    I have a cistern and ran out of water yesterday, I knew I was out because the pump kept running and the water got rusty, so I shut off the pump w/ the circut breaker. I'm new to the whole cistern experience and the is the first time I've run out.
    After I had water delivered today, I turned it back on. After about 10 mins, I realized it was still running. I waited I few more mins. then decided I had better turn it off again. While it was running I had good pressure and flow at the faucets, although the water was still dark. Will it eventually shut off, could I have drained the lines that much ? Thanks much, Danny.

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    If the pump (I'm assuming it's above ground, since you have a cistern) picked up dirty water, it's possible that the ejector nozzle became plugged up. On a shallow well jetpump, the nozzle is located just before the inlet to the impeller. If this nozzle becomes plugged up the pump will not build enough pressure to shut off.
    To see where the nozzle is, go here:


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