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Thread: are there any good back outlet toilets that aren't wall mounted?

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    Default are there any good back outlet toilets that aren't wall mounted?

    I need to replace the old 1975 kohler wall outlet floor toilets in my house. I could go with kohler barrington or american standard makes one ( i forget the name) I really like the duravit happy d, but don't know if I could make it work as the duravit has a higher opening in the wall. Any suggestions would be appreciated..

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    American Standard is the Yorkville and it's a "Pressure Assisted" toilet so good flush but noisy. 4" floor to center of waste

    Duravit Happy D, i have sold 4 last year and 3 this year and have positive feedback. 7-1/8" floor to center of waste

    Crane Ecomiser 3837(elongated) comes in Regular or Elongated and also in Dual-Flush. 4-1/8" floor to center of waste.

    Gerber Ultra Flush Regualr/Elongated Gravity/Pressure Assited. 4-1/4" floor to center of waste
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    thanks for the input, peanut. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and tear out the sheetrock to see if I can raise the flange up to a happy d height. It looks much better than the other choices out there. Anyone know what the back of one of those look like? Does it have a ceramic flange like a kohler? Also, how does it keep from moving around? It looks like it has 2 floor bolts but how does it stay tight to the wall? Again, any help much apprieciated..


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