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Thread: Upgrading water service.

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    Default Upgrading water service.

    I'm thinking about upgrading my water service inside the house. I'm about to add a full bath in the basement and was thinking about achieving better flow throughout the house.

    Currently I've got a meter at the street, followed by 1" black PE to just outside the house, 3/4" copper that comes inside connected to a PRV and then 3/4" copper that distributes to fixtures inside and to the water heater.

    Would it be ok to upgrade to 1" inside to improve flow?
    Should I stick with 3/4" to the PRV or upsize to 1" and then increase the PRV as well? I don't envision being able to upgrade the 3/4" that comes from just outside the house to the PRV.

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    If you have a 1" line coming in, I would use a 1" PRV and 1" after it, until it needs downsizing.



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