I am wiring my new house and have installed a 200A main panel with 36 slots. This particular panel does not accept double breakers so I am limited to 36 slots. I have installed a 100 amp sub panel in the adjacent stud bay.

My question is how much can I run on this panel. I would like to put the entire garage/shop area plus the electric furnace on this panel. It would include:
2 60A circuits for the 20KW furnace
2 20A circuts for a 3HP Tablesaw and 1 HP dust collector
1 20A Circuit for the 3/4 HP garage door opener
1 20 A circuit for the septic system (pump and small compresser)
1 20 A outlet circuit
1 15A lighting circuit

With this configuration I would have 4 slots left in the main panel and could move a few circuits over, but I figure it would be cleanest to arrange things this way.

Is this too much for the 100A sub?