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Thread: Cast Iron Hole issue

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    Default Cast Iron Hole issue

    So I've been remodeling my house (1920's balloon construction) and fixing plumbing as I've went along as it used to be old cast iron etc etc.
    I've been replacing as much of that with pvc as I could.

    My issue started yesterday when we had a leak near the washer, which was notorious for filling up the slop sink and then overflowing to the floor. I thought I had fixed that and went through some testing yesterday to see.
    It just looked like the slop sink was slow to drain and the drains were leaking a little bit, but not to account for the amount of water on the floor. I did some tinkering with the traps etc on the slop sink and ended up breaking the trap so that it really started leaking.
    So that was problem one, in the process of breaking that I think I discovered it was lead(very soft metal pipe it seemed), and also ended up knocking that out of the cast iron sewer pipe next to it that drains the whole house

    so I'm trying to fix that hole and at a loss as to how to go about it. I picked up the rubber pipe joiner fromhome depot, cut it so I could slip it over the pipe and then tightened that, but it didnt' seem to stop the sewer pipe from leaking.
    Then I tried cutting an end cap to fit over the hole, and slipping that under the sleeve to get a better fit, and that didn't work much at all.
    Currently I got some of the putty/epoxy stuff that you mix and that hardens, and used that around a 1.5" pvc pipe that i was able to sort of thread into the CI, i have a rubber end cap on the pvc for now. That worked the best but still has a leak.

    Any hints on how to solve this in a hurry as I'm going out of town tomorrow for work an will not return until nov22.

    I thought the pvc threading idea would be the best as then I could tie the washer into that pvc and solve the slop sink busted up nightmare for now.

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    so the quick fix so far was a 2" hole stop that usually goes into a pipe end. Enough to shower, I just have to figure out what to do with the mess down there to get the washer back

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    Duct tape will fix anything short term.

    I feel your pain on this one bro, as I grew up in a 1930's house. Lots and lots and lots of character. My old man learned the hard way that if anything had to be fixed he basically had to go from the highest fixture as far down towards the service as money and time would allow.

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    Is this sewer line full of water? Clogged?


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