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Thread: Booster pump recommendations

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    Default Booster pump recommendations

    In an earlier post I described my woes with my booster pump. Looks like I'll have to replace it.

    Any recommendations as to make? How about an online supplier? (I hope these are OK questions in this forum.) The current pump is a 2HP model, seems about right for my needs.

    Apart from providing water to the house which the current pump does without any difficulty, the main use will be to drive a sprinkler system. I would like flow of 25 gpm at 45psi or better. (Currently I'm running 12 gpm at 55 psi, but I'd like to put faster flow nozzles on the rotors).

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    You need to know a lot more info about correctly sizing a pump before yo ustart selectiing one. Are you on a well? If so you ned to know a lot about it before you get too deep into this plan.

    Start here:

    Quality Water Associates


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