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Thread: Residential Plumbing Prices

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    Default Residential Plumbing Prices

    Prices around my area have been so set between $340-400 a fixture for new residential that im amazed to see the price changes as of late. Typical rough/trim with materials range from 340-400 not including the fixture price itself.

    As of late there are two companies bidding around 250 per fixture?!!

    I dont see how they stay in business, but none of them apparently speak english from what i know.

    Just curious if others have seen such a drop in prices... Is bidding per fixture still common in your area? Ive moved to do material take off and adding my man hours based off of plans. This seems to be the only way i can stay competitive, but its very time consuming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psolutions View Post
    but none of them apparently speak english from what i know.


    And you can bet your bippy they are paying cash wages under the table!


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