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Thread: Cutting Into 6" Extra Heavy Soil Pipe

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    Default Cutting Into 6" Extra Heavy Soil Pipe

    I'd like to cut into the soil pipe in the floor of my basement for the purpose of tying in a drain for a toilet and sink. The house and thus the pipe is 97 years old. The pipe is 6" and is about 3/8" thick walls. This is extra heavy pipe I think. I tried cutting it with an abrasive blade on a sawzall. Got about 10% of the way through after an hour. Forget about that.

    Will one of those chain snap cutters work on this big extra heavy pipe? Are there any special techniques required when the pipe is extra heavy? Thanks.

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    Talking cast iron??

    are you sure its cast iron and not
    Duram steel???

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    Snap cutters will cut 6" XH soil pipe without a problem. Just be sure to get the chain on as straight as possible and be ready for when the pipe snaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by master plumber mark
    are you sure its cast iron and not
    Duram steel???
    Hi Mark,
    It looks like cast iron. I don't even know what Duram steel is. What is it?

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    Default pipe

    It is probably not Durham steel, since Durham refers to the fittings not the pipe. If it were wrought iron pipe, your saw would have cut it. I would even be amazed to find 6" cast iron pipe in a house, even one a 100 years old. A grinder may be the preferable way, because after this much time the cast iron will probably crush even with a snap cutter.

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    Default Be careful!!

    The professional plumbers didn't mention this and you also probably know this, BUT, I'll say it anyway. Keep in mind that you have hundreds of pounds of this pipe above your head when you cut this pipe in the basement. Be sure the pipe is well supported from above, BEFORE you cut it.

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    It said , "soil pipe in the FLOOR of my basement" .

    Go with the grinder , diamond blade , safety glasses, mask etc. If you crush that pipe with snap cutters you won't be happy !


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