Hey everyone. A below novice plumber here. My toilet has become very hard to flush. Almost feels like the flushing handle will break everytime I flush the toilet.

From what I've gathered my flush valve needs to be replaced. I have a Mansfield #160 tank.

A couple questions: 1) Are flush valve seals for Mansfield 210/211's good for #160? The 210/211 seals are the only ones I can find anywhere.

2) When I get down to the red flush valve seal and try to take it out it pretty much disintegrates to the touch. Should I just scrape it out with a screwdriver or something or should I just replace the whole flush valve.

And finally, if I do have to replace the flush valve, how do you guys usually go about unscrewing the 3 bolts on the bottom of the tank to remove it from the base? Just a big screwdriver or is there some sort of special wide tool for this?

Thanks in advance guys.